Ascendant Holidays says that the Dominican Republic is considered the second largest Caribbean nation. Its tropical climate, offshore islands, beautiful beaches, rich Spanish culture, and energetic music makes it a prime tourist destination.

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Family having fun on a vacation

Ascendant Holidays suggests this holiday destination is popular due to its vibrant music scene where the visitors can dance and enjoy the sound of the Dominican rock and enjoy its Latin flare food which is also the highlighted attraction that keeps the vacationers returning year after year.

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Ascendant Holidays shares the essential packing tips for your Dominican Holiday

There are many hot spot vacation spots in the Dominican Republic that are ready to cater to all types of tourists. So it is best that you try to enjoy the recreational facilities and tourists attractions that fit in with your budget and give you the rest that you seek in a holiday.

Tourists should start on their Dominican holiday by packing a carry-on bag that contains all their essential toiletries, passport, medications and other such essential items.

No need to over pack one nice outfit for an excellent dining meal may merely require pants if you want to bring a jacket.

Ascendant Holidays best tips for bringing a dinner jacket, wear it on the plane ask the flight attendant if they would be so kind to hang it in first class they will usually oblige.

Ascendant Holidays knows that members should make sure that they have completed all their immunization requirements as per their doctors request four to six weeks before their travel.

Ascendant Holidays says that tourists have the choice of living in luxury resorts in the Dominican Republic lavish luxury resorts are our specialty.

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Santo Domingo

Ascendant Holidays members recommend tourists to avoid drinking tap water and to drink filter and bottled water. Following these basic tips travelers will get to enjoy a wonderful holiday experience in the Dominican holiday destinations. Traveling to foreign countries is exciting and can give you experiences of other cultures that you will not find at home. Most vacations in luxury resorts are the only way to go. With Ascendant Holidays we make vacation dreams come true. Safe travels to all our members and guests.

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