Ascendant Holidays members who have enjoyed a Walt Disney vacation recommend the tourist to plan their Disney World trip accordingly as there are so many things to see and do there that you sure end up confused from where to start and what to enjoy?

Ascendant Holidays strongly suggest you take your time at each park.

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Walt Disney World is based in Orlando Florida and stands out as the best recreational resorts in the world according to Ascendant Holidays

These resorts have four theme parks, and the first time visitors get perplexed deciding where to start from. At times tourist tries to fit too many activities on the list and end up missing out on the most important ones. With so many fun and frolic activities to participate in it sure is impossible to cover it all in one day.

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Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger

  • So either you plan an extended vacation so that you can enjoy it all, try to make a wish list or fit in the rides you want to experience.
  • Our members always advise fellow tourists to reach the Park at least thirty to forty minutes earlier than its scheduled time as this way they will not waste any time.
  • Special tip wear good walking shoes
  • You should also dress comfortably in clothes and shoes that are not new and don’t need breaking in. So that you will not get irritated by a blister or something as such and enjoy Walt Disney Park.
  • It is also always wise to carry an extra pair of clothes and shoes in case you may need them. And if you plan to visit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot you should also bring an extra couple of swimsuits. To avoid exhaustion, you can take breaks and just relax and enjoy the essence of the resort.

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Ascendant Holidays members say that there is one way you can avoid the hassle of standing in long queues at the Walt Disney Park.

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Acquiring a Walt Disney Fast Passes a beautiful option especially when it allows you to book your rides in advance. These passes come in handy during the peak season, and the best thing is that they don’t even cost you extra.

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Epcot Center

Ascendant Holidays guests also advise the visitors to enjoy the freebies at the Disney World in this way they can have fun and save their money too. They can enjoy the Downtown Disney and its incredible magic shows. They can even marvel at the Lego sculptures and enjoy the ambiance of the place. The visitor can feats their eyes to the spectacular display of fireworks even from the Polynesian beach.

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