Ascendant Holidays recommends its privileged guests to relax and enjoy a Jamaican vacation including touring its many waterfalls. Travelers can travel to Jamaica by air or by sea and once there, enjoy the gorgeous natural beauty of this tropical isle. Club members recommend booking a guided tour of Jamaica to get the most benefit from the splendors and the historic sights that are scattered all over the island.

Ascendant Holidays suggests that you can begin your tour of Jamaica by visiting the YS Falls, which is the natural attraction on the south coast. Viewing the seven-tiered cascading waterfalls at such a close distance with the expansive wading pool fed by the underground springs is an experience that will excite and refresh even the weariest traveler. In Jamaica, you will experience the incredible mix of the Jamaican and Spanish cultures of its very friendly locals.

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Holidays Lounge recommends YS river waterfall

Many visitors to this tropical paradise marvel at the cascading waters of Dunn’s Waterfalls, another favorite waterfall of Jamaica which is a must-see sight especially when exploring the gorgeous waterfall from beneath. Enjoying the breathtaking view of Jamaica’s highest range, the Blue Mountains are shrouded by mists that end up giving the mountains its bluish tinge. This unique sight is one that ought not to be missed when exploring the island. The slopes of your Blue Mountains are grasslands now employed for cultivating and raising greens and spices and are they are the best grounds for growing the world’s most renowned Blue Mountain espresso.

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Dunn’s River waterfalls

Visiting the Coyaba Gardens is an encounter with natural elegance and dynamics, marking the area with newly flowering plants and flora. This is the best hotspot for people who wish to plan their wedding ceremony in stunning gardens and really feel refreshed to start a new lifestyle ahead. There are many wedding coordinators on the island that offer their services to visitors who need help in planning on the details of a perfect wedding.

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People swimming in natural pool from cascading waterfall

Ascendant Holidays advises its members to sample the traditional Jamaican and Caribbean cuisines which are the culinary tradition of the region. Although there are all types of cuisine offered at its many restaurants and resorts, Ackee, Jerk chicken and Salt fish are just a few of the dishes that originated on Jamaica. So if a trip to Jamaica is on your bucket list, remember to add a tour of its beautiful waterfalls to your list of things to do.