Ascendant Holidays suggest a bucket list destination Dubrovnik, Croatia is a historical city, with beautiful islands and lovely beaches. It is a major tourist destination and is one of the most visited cities in Croatia. According to Ascendant Holidays, most first-time visitors to the town are mesmerized by its beauty and allure. The city is among one of the most visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Eastern Europe.

Ascendant Holidays recommends taking a tour of the Dubrovnik city walls to begin your trip. The city walls are an incredible sight to marvel. The defensive walls were built to encircle the whole old town and date from the 8th century to the 13th-century initially, but they are continuously updated. They are 2 kilometers long and include 17 towers along the way. They are the main attraction of Dubrovnik and are part of what qualified it for UNESCO listing. A walk along the walls takes about an hour and is a must-do thing for every visitor, but especially for “Game of Thrones” fans as the scenes from the “Red Keep” gardens, “Qarth” and “King’s Landing” are all filmed here.

Ascendant Holidays reviews Dubrovnik Croatia

Ascendant Holidays recommends visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia

Enclosed by the city walls, you will find where the old town lies. The buildings are entirely built of white stones and share a distinctly similar floor plan. The floor plan was a result an earthquake and fire that occurred in the 17th century. You can walk down the Placa, which is Dubrovnik’s main street and visit the Rector’s Palace, one of Dubrovnik’s most important public building. Another attraction for visitors is Sponza Palace, an archive house for Dubrovnik’s important historical documents. This building was built in 1520 and is very impressive for its architectural style. There are also museums, palaces, and churches throughout the old town worth visiting, including the oldest and still currently open pharmacy in the whole of Europe.

The best views of a place are always from above, and the best view of Dubrovnik is from the top of Mount Srd. The top lies a short way from the mainland and 412 meters above the city. The cable car ride was built in 1969 and is 778 meters long. Ascendant Holidays recommends this attraction as it operates until midnight, and from here you will enjoy some of the beautiful views of the town’s towers and walls, the red tiles of the town’s houses and the beach and shoreline.

Ascendant Holidays reviews Dubrovnik Croatia 3

Lokrum is a small island 600 meters, and 10-minute boat rides away from Dubrovnik. It is the Dubrovnik’s largest park and a protected reserve. It is covered almost entirely with lush green pine forest. However, there are walking trails which you can follow comfortably. Along with its beautiful coasts, there are also coves that are popular swimming spots. The island is open during the summer season, and overnight stays are not allowed.

If you didn’t get enough of the view from the cable car ride, then this is the other way to enjoy a view of Dubrovnik. Kayaking offers a fresh and beautiful and impressive way to experience and view the defensive walls and its towers and forts. There are a lot of kayaks for hire which will take you around the town walls, the Lokrum island, and nearby cave beaches. Also, you can explore surrounding islands and find a spot all to yourselves to enjoy a picnic or relax on a beach for a little while.

Dubrovnik is a great and fun filled town, and if you are planning a holiday there, then you won’t be disappointed. With the many activities to do here and plenty of photo opportunities, Dubrovnik is undoubtedly a place that everyone can enjoy and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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