Ascendant Holidays has some quick tips on Spanish while at restaurants.

Ascendant Holidays is always looking for ways to share the world with its members, and there’s no better way to understand a culture than trying its food and better yet trying to speak there language.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to communicate what you want while visiting a foreign country.  Here are a few tips for ordering food while in a Spanish-speaking country

Ordering food. Now keep in mind that very rarely will you come an across a server that does not speak English. The fact is that they appreciate that your a trying to speak their language.
The most polite way to order while in a Spanish speaking country is to begin by saying “me gustaria” meaning “I would like” and finishing with the Spanish word for please, “por favor.”

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Here’s a list of a few everyday food items:

  • Chicken- El Pollo
  • Beef- El Carne de res
  • Pork-El Cerdo
  • Fish- El Pescado
  • Rice- El Arroz
  • Beans- Los Frijoles

So here’s an example of how you would order: “Me gustaria el Pollo or favor” or in English “I would like the chicken please.”

Ordering drinks:

After you order your food, your server will most likely as what you would like to drink. Your server will ask in one of two ways, either “Para Beber” or “Para Tomar,” both mean the same thing. Here is a common list of drinks to help you answer shared by Ascendant Holidays. When answering, state the drink, you would like and add “Por Favor.”
Here’s Ascendant Holidays list of common  drinks:

  • Water- Agua
  • Tea- Té
  • Beer- Cerveza
  • Soda- Refresco

Dos Equis Blanca  For Here or To Go?

The last question a server will typically ask is whether you would like to eat at the restaurant or take your food home. They will ask in Spanish “¿para llevar o poraqui?” This means “To go or for here?” To answer, simply state either “para llevar” if your order is to go or “para aqui” if your order is for here.

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