Ascendant Holidays shares travel tips for those going overseas. If you are you’re traveling abroad, across the world or to another country, there are some things that travelers should never leave home without.

Here are items mentioned that you will always need to have with you such as up to date passports, your drivers license, and clothes that most over pack before the big trip, these other items can sometimes be forgotten at home, leaving you with no way to get the things that you may really need while away.

The Travel Tips Team says that Ascendant Holidays suggest before packing for your next vacation, create a checklist with the items that you need, including these top 7 items that travelers should never leave home.

Power Converter – A power converter is handy for those who are traveling to countries like Europe. Many different countries use their forms of power sources, and the outlets will not be the same, making it impossible to charge electronics without a converter kit, including the ability to charge cell phones, camera batteries. Multi-unit packages are ready to purchase at local stores.

Try not to forget this you can purchase this very inexpensive off Amazon just try not to forget these converters, or you could be stuck without a charged cell phone for the majority of your trip. Trips can be long, and you may find yourself bored, most airlines have movies on long overseas flights so sit back and relax and watch a video.

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But travel insurance in case you get injured you. Your plan will not cover more than likely

Keep your med’s with you in your carry on and don’t dress flashy. The last thing you want is to be a target. Keep your passports in the hotel safe with most credit cards and extra cash. Never bring everything with you. Like they say they don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Be safe on your travels and stay vigilant.

Travel is fun, yet some people are not very savvy and can get taken advantage of. Don’t be a target dress down wear comfortable shoes and have fun.

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